A first impression to be proud of

The doorway to your home is a welcome to you, your family, and your friends. Through a solid blend of security and style, a JC Windows door can either enhance or change the look of your home. When the door of your home is every visitor’s first impression, you really want that impression to count.

Wide array of styles and colour options

What better way to make a positive statement as well as securing your home against weather and intruders than with one of our wide range of UPVC Casement  Doors, Composite  or Aluminium doors.

Whether you wish to add visual impact or simply to blend in with the style of your home, there is a door in our range for everyone.

Composite Doors

As the first sight that greets visitors to your home and gives it a sense of character, it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of the right front door.

A composite door is a solid, high security residential door that perfectly replicates the look and feel of traditional timber, in a low maintenance weatherproof finish that is guaranteed to last for years.

Bi-Fold Doors

A Bi-Fold Door  in UPVC or aluminium is a window onto the world. It opens and closes effortlessly, disclosing great views onto the garden or patio.

It allows you to enjoy all the fresh air you want while simultaneously ensuring that you’re warm and comfortable when the weather turns cold.

UPVC Doors

Stylish UPVC doors  can make a substantial difference to the look and feel of your home.  Whether you choose a coloured or woodgrain finish, you can put your own unique stamp on these entranceways.

French Doors

Bringing the garden and beyond into your home with our French doors.

French doors bring a sense of light and space to your home by flooding the interior with natural light. These elegant and stylish doors allow you to enjoy your garden at its fullest whilst still keeping you warm during those winter months.

Sliding Patio Doors

Let the best of the outside in with an elegant and space-saving In-Line Sliding Patio Doors Blackpool available in both UPVC and aluminium.

This is the ideal door solution for homeowners who wish to take advantage of more natural light and views of their garden, without compromising on valuable living space.

UPVC Porches

A modern UPVC porch looks stylish and provides additional security to your home. Extremely affordable, our porches are strong and secure as well as beautiful to look at. You can also keep the bad weather and drafts away from your home, saving you money on energy bills.

Alumium Doors

Aluminium Doors are a premium product, are made to measure, maintenance free and built to last with the life span of aluminium measured in decades rather than years. Aluminium is very sustainable, endlessly recyclable and very environmentally friendly.

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