Veka Environmental Frames

Veka Environmental Frames

One of the greatest challenges facing us all is protecting the environment for future generations, and at JC Windows we take our responsibilities further than most.

VEKA Group is at the forefront of environmental issues, from the world’s first purpose-built PVC-U recycling plant to the UK’s first ever BFRC ‘A’ Rated PVC window for superior heat retention as well as the first fully reinforced double glazed window to gain the ‘A’ Rating.

VEKA Group is a world-leader in recycling old PVC windows and was the first systems company in the world to have its own purpose-built ‘Closed-Loop’ recycling plant – that produces recycled material so pure it can be put straight back to make new double glazing window profile, not lower grade products such as drainage pipes as with some less sophisticated processes.

This means the same material could theoretically be used many times over, giving literally centuries of service with no further depletion of the Earth’s resources and no more fossil fuel spent creating new PVC-U polymer.

Also on the environmental front, VEKA was among the first system suppliers in the UK to switch to using only calcium organic stabilisers in all of its products instead of more contentious stabilisers such as lead.


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